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Speaking, Teaching & Training

I would love to speak, teach, preach, and train your congregation, conference, leadership team, or organization on a variety of topics, particularly related to disability, church practice, Jesus' healing ministry in the Gospels, and creating true communities of inclusion for people of all abilities. For information on rates and availability, send an email to mcbethany at gmail dot com. 

Some of the talks I've given previously:

  • Healing, Disability, and Church Practice

  • Creating accessible practices for worship services

  • Ministry with People with Disabilities

  • Jesus' healing work and how to be communities of healing in the way of Jesus today

  • Embodiment and Disability Advocacy

  • Leadership and Intellectual Disability

  • Welcoming a minister with a disability(ies)

  • Being the Beloved Community: Welcoming Children of All Abilities to Church

  • Accessible Pedagogy: Best Practices for teaching students of all abilities, including Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

  • Allyship by able-bodied people alongside people with disabilities

  • Language around disability: unpacking how we talk about it, why some communities prefer some language over others (disabled, special needs, "differently abled," etc.)


Email for current rates.

mcbethany at gmail dot com

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